About us

Innerco sp. z o. o. is the spin-off technological company that was founded in 2012. Our mission is the creation, development, and implementation of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) technologies to increase the functionality of your cast products on the global market.

An important part of our vision is the world of #useful technologies, which balance civilization growth and the protection of nature. We strive to achieve this global need by creating technology and materials, which increase the product's lifetime, decrease the Earth's resources consumption, and pollution.

We respect and appreciate the values of nature and the environment.


Innerco creates, develops and sells MMC materials and technology for the manufacturing of high-functionality wear parts. We constantly implement, improve, and develop 1D and 2D technologies that maximize the utility of your wear parts-thus ensuring high efficiency and reliability of production processes. We supply for the global market a family of InnerComposites 1D and 2D technology, in the form of licensing and service. Our composite materials are reinforced by those of the hardest ceramic phases, that is TiC, and WC, or a combination thereof.

We are global pathfinders and we strive to be the leaders of developing technology of manufacturing of cast MMC wear parts reinforced by WC particles. With this 2D material, we would like to enable achieving the highest functionality of your products from among those available on the global market. Our purpose is to develop the technology of manufacturing the cast composites - 3D which constitute the final element of the InnerComposites technology family. 

Technological and materials solutions, which influence the increase of efficient processes, and the limitations of wear materials, energy, and pollutants are some of the basic challenges of modern materials science.

The wear of materials is the result of two processes: Abrasion and corrosion which eliminate millions of tons of construction elements every year. Bearing in mind the direct relationship between the constant the pursuit of increasing the efficiency of implemented processes and the high consumption of natural resources and energy, there is a need to design high-functional technologies and materials that increase the efficiency of machinery, equipment, and vehicles, while reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy. Simultaneously they also reduce the emissions, pollution associated with the production of their low-functional substitutes. Innerco supports this global vision by implementing a strategy of creating, developing, and implementing materials and technologies that meet the above criteria.

Less is More

We design the MMC technologies and materials which increase the functionality of wear parts. By using them one causes a decrease in manufacturing low-functional substitutions. This approach has a significant effect on reducing the consumption of natural resources, and pollution on our planet. 

We try to create technologies that leave natural resources for our next and future generations. We value the power of technologies that balance continued civilization development and the protection of our planet.


Technology has the most effective outcome potential when products are accessible to everyone. We strive to reach out to all those who need to able to use the potent capabilities of our InnerComposites technologies, developing high-functionality wear-resistant products. 

We are able to effectively share this technology with you and actively service its implementation. We are always prepared to participate in the development of your MMC products. Our collaboration with you will provide a real impact on the availability of MMC products.


As a pathfinder of MMCs technologies, we realize that our joint projects can exert a positive impact on selected areas of our civilization and natural environment.

The pillars of our responsibilities are:

  • We strive to honor and respect natural resources and their protection by designing technologies and materials, which increase the lifetime of cast parts of machines and devices and be 100% recyclable.
  • We want to be an exemplary employer that supports a sustainable developmental policy featuring a competitive salary with a pleasant and healthy challenging work environment, and to provide opportunities for career and personal growth.
  • Making responsible purchases: We try to take into account current environmental problems during the design of new technologies related to this supply chain in order to progressively, and permanently improve of the positive impact of our actions.