Join us!

Innerco is a relatively small workplace but a modern, and dynamically technological company with the mission to provide MMC composites technologies and materials dedicated to the production of high-functional cast products. We strive to constantly traverse the generally accepted limitations of building MMC technologies and materials. Our success comes from a Team that is constantly learning that surging forward redefines many new challenges.  We believe this process will never stop while honing our master skills.

We appreciate autonomy, creativity, self-discipline, and an awareness of being a team member. We place an emphasis on the work-life balance between your career and private life. We honor this dynamic therefore our time of reaching our goals is flexible in all its meanings. 

We are a small but unique Team in which all of us are on an equal footing due to the importance of our dedication to the implementation of the vision and mission of the entire company.

We are looking for an open-minded person, creative soul who derives satisfaction from constantly learning and handling challenges with new tasks, using their determined vision, and self-discipline.

If you think your personality traits meet these goals, please consider joining our team! Send to us your CV to We will be pleased if you write in the body of your e-mail what type of work you are interested i.e. powder lab specialist.