The company's offer includes licenses for the InnerComposites family of MMC (Metal Matrix Composites) technologies used for the production of high-functionality cast structural elements locally reinforced with a composite layer 1D and/or a composite zone 2D. Together both technology variants provide ultra-high wear resistance. This offer is complemented by a wide range of services related to the InnerComposites technology transfer process and the new MMC product development cycle. Our composite materials are reinforced by those of the hardest ceramic phases, i.e. TiC, and WC, or their combination thereof.

The core of our offer includes the InnerComposites technologies family used to produce local composite reinforcements in cast products base on cast steel and cast iron. They allow the casting to be reinforced with hard ceramic particles in its thin surface layer 1D or the 2D zone adapted to the wear profile, as well as their combinations. The process of developing the last member of the family i.e. cast composites - 3D ongoing, and we will inform you about technology readiness.

We design MMC materials for wear parts that improve performance, minimize downtime, and are of a consistent end-product quality which reduces your cost per ton with steadfast reliability.

Our offer is directed to the leaders of production and service of machinery and equipment containing wear components:  wear parts for wear applications dedicated to mining, cement, energy, metallurgical, aggregates, mineral, agricultural, chemical, water, and suspensions processing.

If you have noticed that our company's offer is well-tailored to your business profile and can be a foundation to its effective growth, ask about the current scope of InnerComposites technology applicability, license availability, and Terms & Conditions.

The general characteristics of the InnerComposites 1D, 2D, and the 3D family are presented below.

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Composite layers are formed using reactive liquid coatings in the classic casting process. Thanks to its liquid consistency, you can use this solution to protect your complex shape. The solution is tailored to middle and low wear needs, and especially to wear protection of pipes, pump body, and rotors for water, and slurries applications.

1D MMC layers can also be used in standard wear parts protection as a supplement to 2D solutions e.g. the upper part of the cone, mantle for a cone crusher. Hardness is up to 900 HV10, thickness from 1 up to 1.5 mm reinforcement particles - TiC.

2D MMC zones are formed using reactive compacts in the casting technology. Due to this, you can protect the selected area of your wear parts with 5 mm up to 40 mm thickness of MMC materials.

The 2D solution is tailored to applications operating under high and ultra-high wear observed in cone crushers, gyratory crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, screens, mills, and different types of gear teeth, pumps, etc.

One of the key factors influencing the efficiency of these productions lines is the dimensional stability, reliability, and lifespan of wear parts. 

This is the reason why we focus on developing the high-functionality MMC wear parts.

The following are selected properties of composite materials manufactured in InnerComposites 2D - WC and 2D - TiC MMC technology.

The use of these types of composites products improves the tensile (Rm) and yield (Re) strength and hardness in the whole casting volume achieved owing to a hard ceramic phase addition.

We are working on new InnerComposites 3D - cast composites technology to offer you classic casting grades with increased functionality.

We will gladly inform you about the 3D MMC technology implementation readiness.